Proceedings Linux audio conference 2009

GEN. 205 207


• LENZ (S.), What’s new in JACK2?, pp.15-24

• ALASUUTARI (J.), LASH audio session Handler: past, present, and future, pp.25-28

• NETTINGSMEIER (J.), Shake, rattle and roll: an attempt to create a “spatially correct” ambisonic mixdown of a multi-miked organ concert, pp.29-36

• YI (S.), Crafting sound in space: working with ambisonics using blue and csound, pp.37-42

• GARCIA (D.), 3D audio with CLAM and Blender’s game engine, pp.43-52

• CHAPMAN (M.), Ambisuite/ambman: a utility for transforming ambisonic files, pp.53-60

• GRIMN (G.), Application of Linux audio in hearing aid research, pp.61-66

• FARINA (A.), A new audacity feature: room objective acoustical parameters calculation module, pp.67-72

• DOBSON (R.), The imperative for high-performance audio computing, pp.73-80

• FOBER (D.), Adding automatic parallelization to Faust, pp.81-92

• MAGGI (E.), iMax Phoenix: le jMax nouveau st arrive, pp.93-100

• WILMERS (H.), Bowsense- a minimalistic approach to wireless motion sensing, pp.101-104

• DAUDIN (C.), The Guido Engine: a toolbox for music scores rendering, pp.105-112

• LOPEZ-LEZCANO (F.), The quest for noiseless computers, pp.113-118

• CAROT (A.), Netjack- remote music collaboration with electronic sequencers on the internet, pp.119-124

• JAMES (D.), Transmission- Linux audio goes mobile, pp.125-130

• ZNOLNING (I.), Reflection in pure data, pp.131-136

• GRAF (A.), Signal processing in the pure programming language, pp.137-144

• LAZZARINI (V.), A distortion synthesis tutorial, pp.145-152

• REUTER ( J.), Considering transient effect in spectrum analysis, pp.153-160

• FUGAL (H.), Optimizing the constant-Q transform in octave, pp.161-164

• SPINDLER (R.), The current state of Linux video production software and its developer community, pp.165-172

• ANAGNOSTOPOULOS (I.), The otherside: web-based collaborative multimedia system, pp.173-180

• RUMORI (M.), GROMA- programming a permanent multichannel sound installation, pp.181-192