Papers Read at the International Congress of Musicology

GEN. 205 1


Opening General Session

-CHARLES SEEGER, Music and Government – Field for an Applied Musicology, pp. 11-20

-DRAGAN PLAMENAC, Music of the 16th and 17th Centuries in Dalmatia, pp. 21-51

-EDWARD J. DENT, La Rappresentazione di Anima e di Corpo, pp. 52-61

-KNUD JEPPSEN, Venetian Folk-Songs of the Renaissance, pp. 62-75


Session on Primitive and Folk Music in North America

-GEORGE PULLEN JACKSON, Some Enemies of Folk-Music in America, pp.77-83

-ANNABEL MORRIS BUCHANAN, Modal and Melodic Structure in Anglo-American Folk Music, pp. 84-11

-ROY LAMSON JR., English Broadside Ballad Tunes of the 16th and 17th Centuries, pp. 112-121

-SAMUEL P. BAYARD, Aspects of Melodic Kinship and Variation in British-American Folk-Tunes, pp. 122-129

-GEORGE HERZOG, African Influences in North American Indian Music, pp. 130-143


Special Session

-ALFRED EINSTEIN, Mozart’s Handwriting and the Creative Process, pp.145-153


Session on Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Music

-OLIVER STRUNK, Some Motet-Types of the 16th Century, pp. 155-160

-CURT SACHS, The Mystery of the Babylonian Notation, pp. 161-167

-OTTO GOMBOSI, New Light on Ancient Greek Music, pp. 168-183

-ALBERT SMIJERS, Music of the Illustrious Confraternity of our Lady at ‘s-Hertogenbosch from 1330 to 1600, pp. 184-192

-FERNANDO LIUZZI, Notes sur les Barzelette et les Canzoni a ballo du Quattrocento Italien, d’après des Documents Inédits, pp. 193-199

-LEONARD ELLINWOOD, The French Renaissance of the 12th Century in Music, pp. 200-211


Session on Music and Science

-OTTO ORTMANN, The Psychology of Tone-Quality, pp. 227-232

-GLEN HAYDON, Alfred Day and the Theory of Harmony, pp. 233-240

-MANFRED F. BUKOFZER, The Evolution of Javanese Tone-Systems, pp. 241-250

-DAVIDSON TAYLOR, Music Written for Radio, pp. 251-266

-DAYTON C. MILLER, Musical Tone-Color, pp. 267-271


Hispanic Session

-FRANCIS CURT LANGE, “Americanismo Musical”, pp. 273-283

-EDUARDO SANCHEZ DE FUENTES, The Musical Folklore of Cuba, pp. 284-288

-GONZALO ROIG, Some Problems Confronting Musicians in the Americas, pp. 289-291