Music libraries and instruments : papers read at the Joint Congress, Cambridge, 1959

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Section One : Music and Musicology

-J. A. WESTRUP, Practical Musicology, pp. 25-30

-ROBERTO GERHARD, Concrete and Electronic Sound-Composition, pp. 30-37

-DRAGOTIN čVETKO, National ources, their functions and interpretation in musicological research, pp. 37-39


Section Two : Music Librarianship

-A. HYATT KING, The music librarian and his tasks, national and international, pp. 40-47

-VINCENT DUCKLES, The growth and organisation of music research libraries in the Western United States, pp. 47-53

-LEONARD W. DUCK, The public provision of music for choirs and orchestras, pp. 53-60

-KENNETH ANDERSON, Public service for music : the use of standard methods in Liverpool’s new Music Library, pp. 60-61

-C. B. OLDMAN, Panizzi and the music collections of the British Museum, pp. 62-67

-E. C. KARL VÖTTERLE, Musikbibliothek und Musikverlag, pp. 67-75

-HERTA SCHETELICH, Der Gesichtskreis der Musikbüchereiarbeit in einer Gross-stadt der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, pp. 75-78

-ALFONS OTT, The rôle of music in public libraries of medium size, pp. 79-83

-FOLKE LINDBERG, Scandinavian music libraries : their value for research and broadcasting, pp. 83-86

-INGEBORG HEILMANN, Organisation of the music collecton of the State Library in Aarhus, Denmark, pp. 86-88

-MARION LINTON, Music in Scottish libraries, pp. 88-95

-G. H. ROLLAND, The music collection in the Mitchell Library, pp. 95-99


Section Three : Record Libraries

-HAROLD SPIVACKE, The preservation and reference services of sound recordings in a research library, pp. 99-110

-PATRICK SAUL, Preserving recorded sound, pp. 110-116

-K.-H. KÖHLER, Zur Problematik der Schallplatten-Katalogisierung, pp. 116-119

-KURT REINHARD, Probleme und Erfahrungen in einem Musik-ethnologischen Schallarchiv, pp. 119-126

-VINCENZO TERENZIO, Criteri per la classificazione e la catalogazione di una discoteca nelle biblioteche musicali, pp. 126-127


Section Four : Collections of Music and Instruments

-JEANNINE DOUILLEZ, Collections of musical instruments in Antwerp, pp. 128-131

-G. THIBAULT, Les Collections privées de livres et d’instruments de musique d’autrefois et d’aujourd’hui, pp. 131-147


Section Five : Musical Bibliography

-O. E DEUTSCH, RUDOLF ELVERS, YVETTE FÉDOROV, HANS HALM, ALBERT VAN DER LINDEN, O. W. NEIGHBOUR, A. ROSENTHAL, LISBETH WEINHOLD, Towards a definition of certain terms in musical bibliography, pp. 147-155


Section Six : Calssification of Music; Microfilms

-E. J. COATES, The British Catalogue of Music Classification, pp. 156-165

-HANS-MARTIN PLESSKE, Musikalien-Katalogisierung der Deutschen Bücherei, pp. 165-169

-ANDRÉ JURRES, From Microfilm to Microphone, pp. 169-173

-HARALD HECKMANN, Musikalische Quellen auf Mikrofilmen, pp. 173-177




Section Seven : Keyboard Instruments

-RITA BENTON, the Early Piano in the United States, pp. 179-189

-SUSI JEANS, Walter Organs, pp. 189-196

-NORBERT DUFOURCQ, Pierre Baillon, facteur de clavecins, d’orgues, graveur de musique et organsite français, pp. 196-200


Section Eight : Barrel Organ, String and Wind Instruments

-NOEL BOSTON, The Barrel Organ, pp. 200-204

-ANTHONY BAINES, Some points in the nomenclature of folk instruments, pp. 204-209

-EMANUEL WINTERNITZ, The survival of Kithara and the evolution of the Cittern, pp. 209-214

-JEAN JACQUOT, The International Catalogue of Music for the Lute and Kindred Instruments, pp. 214-218

-JAMES MACGILLIVRAY, The Cylindrical Reed Pipe from antiquity to the 20th Century : its classification and scope, pp. 218-220

-MANTLE HOOD, The Javanese Rebab, pp. 220-226

-WALTER BERGMANN, Henry Purcell’s use of the recorder, pp. 227-233

-GUY OLDHAM, Two pieces for 5-part Shawm Band by Louis Couperin, pp. 233-238

-H. JEAN HEDLUND, James Hook and the patent voice flaute, pp. 239-243

-VICTOR LUITHLEN, Musical treasures of the Vienna Art Museum, pp. 244-251

-KENNETH SKEAPING, The Karl Schreinzer Collecton of violin fittings, pp. 251-253


Section Nine : Representations of Instruments and Musicians

-CHARLES NICEWONGER, HARRIET NICEWONGER, Medieval musical instruments sculptured in the decorations of English churches, pp. 253-255

-IRMGARD OTTO, Buchsmuck als Instrumentenkundliche Quelle, pp. 256-261

-JAN LaRUE, JEANETTE B. HOLLAND, Stimmer’s Women Musicians : a unique series of woodcuts, pp. 261-268




-JOHN SALTMARSH, Valedictory Address, pp. 269-270